↓ Transcript
Tik: [To battle!]
Tok: [Lotsa bombs!]
Tik: [No bombs!]

“Unneeded Distraction” This bit of action takes place almost at the exact same time as the previous comic. You can compare the relevant sound effects between the two to see exactly how it lines up. There were two waves of gobo defenders. The vanguard led by Hob was the first to enter combat. Tik is leading the charge shortly after they have engaged the raiders. As with the group before them, they are supposed to be a four gobo team. Before they even get in the fight, they are reduced to three.

Tok is once more talking about bombs. You would think that the little miner would get a clue. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Needless to say, both our industrious gobos are being stalled by an unneeded distraction. And it will cost the team. While half of the group sees it in time, their leader does not realize that a large projectile is incoming until Tik is taken out by the door. With Tok in the backfield, Tik can be looked over to see how bad off the hit was. Still, this little moment is but one link in the chain leading to our annual finale. That’s right! We have three comics left for the chapter, along with a bonus comic before Gobo Gazette goes on a one week break for the holidays. I hope you are excited to see what’s to come.

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