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Nak: [Gobos! Nob killed their leader]
Nak: [Nob is our rightful leader]
Fip: [Nob is a bomb-head]

“Peanut Gallery” With Hob “escorting” Nak away from Nob’s speech, someone needs to fill the knight’s shoes. So Nak steps in to get this inattentive yet thoughtful bunch back on track. There has been a lot of concern over Nob’s status of leadership and much of that has been based on wardrobe. Nak is here to tell them that it isn’t the clothing that makes one noble. It is an individual’s actions that proves their worth. Surely such an inspiring sequence of wordplay – in Goblinspeak, of course – will be enough to get this crowd under control.

Think again! There is always someone in the crowd, usually in the back, that has some personal opinion or catty remark. That’s the murmuring you hear in the crowd when someone says something that puts people on the fence. The comment maker might think its poignant or funny but any hurtful or nonconstructive comments from the peanut gallery really isn’t needed. And “whispering” it in the front row is only a cry for attention. I try to remember whenever I go to open my mouth to think about what I am going to say before I begin. I don’t get it right each time, but I keep trying. I always try to think about what might happen. It helps.

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