“Loading Up” It took almost an entire chapter but the gobos are finally getting ready to move out! To give them credit, they did just survive an explosive fireball that blew up one of the keep’s towers. Unfortunately they are still in the danger zone. They only really encounter four of the many bandit inside, albeit it was a boss fight. Well, an interrupted boss fight at least. It was definitely a tense situation, that’s for sure. But now the gobos are hustling, loading up whatever loot they can salvage and recovering their lost items. Have Fip’s arrows always been, let’s say not master crafted? That would say a lot.

And speaking about lost items, it looks like Tik has located some recently declared contraband. This could get these two in trouble but I want to think that Tik knows what’s best. Tok might be a bit… enthusiastic about the use of explosives, but they have their use. If where ever Nob is leading the gobos involves any digging through solid rock, they are going to want a bomb or two to blast a path. Though, I am sure that Tik will continue to monitor Tok. We would hate to have a repeat of what happened earlier.

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