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Nob: [The humans are coming for us]
Nob: [They will try to kill us]
Nob: [We must...]
Nik: [Question]
Nik: [What about the four adventurers?]

“Crowd Control” Alright! Proper headgear in place? Check. Excessive background noise eliminated? Check. So now we can finally get back to the speech. The bad news is that the loot bags did not survive the explosion. There are only a few coins scattered about the damaged parapet. The good news is that all of the gobos did survive the blast. Some are a little worse for wear, but healthy none-the-less. It is very important that the gobos have a plan. Nob has their motivation: it won’t take long for the bandits to find where they went and lock them up. Or worse. It is time to move. There can be no distractions.

But, of course, there is always one. At least proper form was used: a hand was raised. But this is not a press conference. More importantly, this is an autocracy. In the past, Hob has always been present to keep the rabble in line. Despite any personal issues, Hob has been there to advise or support the regime. The little knight has been out of it after taking a good hit during the fight in the tower. So when designates Nak as the recipient of a little crowd control, Zip is there to lend a hand.

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