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Hob: [(Are we) good (to go)?]
Nob: [(We're) good]
Nob: [Gobos, to the forest]

“Not All Those Who Wander are Lost” Look at that. The Party of Adventurers™ has also survived their encounter with the raiders. We can’t see if they managed to escape with any loot but they gained another level. Will they ever learn what became of the gobos and the explosion? Will we ever see them again? The answer to these questions is a pretty confident “probably”. For now, it is clear sailings – or, should I say, paddling – until their next adventure.

And on the topic of adventures, the gobos are finally returning to theirs. They may not be forming their marching order but they are mobilizing. You may be asking yourself, “How are they going to get off that wall? Won’t descending the tower stairs just bring them into contact with the other bandits?” Well, the gobos are an inventive group, with a number of tools at their disposal – one of these being the grapple hook. Getting down the wall and avoiding those raiders will not be a problem for them.

We should really be focusing on the theme of this comic: discovery. We’ve seen the PoA discover what the source of the explosion was that they almost certainly heard from within the fort. We find out that, although Nob had lost both cape and crown during the gobos’ time spent at the fortress, not all of the gobo leader’s symbols of office were lost. That’s right, Pat has provided the golden scepter, which was likely grabbed when everyone else’s gear was snatched. And we also learn that there is someone else who has witnessed the great gobo escape. Who is this wolf-riding individual? For now, it will remain a mystery.

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