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Pat: [The tower had exploded, and the walls were broken. I looked behind as he reached for me...]
Pat: [The wicked human leader had captured me, but in the blaze and falling debris stood Nob, sword raised!]
Pat: [Nob leapt and ...]
Bam: [Nob is weak]
Pōk: [Pat needs spectacles]

“Campfire Story” How many of you have been camping overnight? If not that, how about a sleepover? If the answer is yes, then more than likely you have stayed up really late telling stories. Perhaps in the dark with a campfire, a lantern or a flashlight. If you haven’t done any of these things, now’s the time! Go have yourself a video chat “campfire story” session with your friends! Whatever your experience, everyone has a story to tell. And we want it to have an effect on the listeners. So we really like to put the emphasis on the key points we want them to come away with.

One of the big concerns is to not get too creative with our emphasis. That is hard to do, especially after you tell the story over and over again. You begin to alter the script some, forget the details, add some new ones.  The tale gets taller and taller until it becomes unbelievable. And if there was any trauma involved, perceptions of the event may have been skewed. Pat had a traumatic experience. Adrenaline was pumping. It is no shock that the events are a bit more dramatic. The villain more… villainous. So it is no surprise that the three gobos who were knocked out and missed it might think that Pat’s story is complete bupkis.

Be careful out there.

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