“Leaped Down into the Breach” And we are back with a brand new year of Gobo Gazette! We weren’t the only ones without content over the one-week holiday break. Everyone atop the parapet was also out of it after surviving the explosion. Thankfully, the one that took the brunt of the damage was the parapet itself. Just as everyone is getting up from the blast, the fortification wall decides to fall apart. There is a lot going on in this comic and time seems to slow down as gobos scramble into action. There isn’t much time to think, let alone act in a situation like this. If you are lucky, your reflexes kick in and you happen to grab hold of something before it all goes down.

Nob has very little time and, much to the surprise of everyone, has leaped down into the breach. And the little gobo leader brought something along for the ride. I like a good slow motion scene in the movies. There is a particular movie I watch every Christmas that has a wonderful segment. So much so, that I have tried to replicate it here. Do you know what it is? If not, check it out. Mine is a bit more extreme than the removal of a Rolex, but nothing beats a classic.

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