↓ Transcript
Nak: {Nob wants...]
Tik: [...to get the bricks?]
Nak & Tik (laughing): [Nob working!]
Off-stage: [Nob's weak!]
Tik: [First, the wooden fort. Then we'll add bricks]
Nak: [Good]

“Workforce Solution” Hey! It looks like Nak is once more visiting the worksite. Once more, Nob has a decree regarding the construction of the fort. And just like before, Tik is overseeing the work at the construction site. Both of them are approaching this differently then they did last time. Nak is definitely more leery about the encounter. Last time, Tik did not take Nob’s direction well… especially since the work had already begun with earnest. Tik seems prepared for the news. Before the messenger can get all of the words out, the gobo work boss interrupts with a quib.

Work can get difficult some times. It can get very frustrating. Frustration can build and just make a job tedious and not enjoyable. There is a saying that “if it was fun, it wouldn’t be work”. True, but there are many reasons people quit jobs to find another, and a frustrating work environment is just one of them. While Tik’s workforce solution of Nob wanting to go off and gather the stone and brick is laughable, it does break the tension. And perhaps this levity allows the suggestion of adding masonry after the wooden fort is finished to be more acceptable.

There has been quite a lot of work-related strips recently. This is not intentional. I wrote most of the strips at least six months ago. I had chapters 6 through 10 scripted a year in advance! With the current health crisis, many workers deemed essential have been on the front line, exposed in some degree to illness. It is hard to bring levity to work when the risks are so high and, unfortunately, not everyone can find something new. Please make it a point to be patient and polite with these individuals, and anyone else returning to work.

Be careful out there.

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