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Zip: [No more practice]
Zip: [Guard duty]

“Innocence Personified” It would seem that practice is not going so well. We’ve already witnessed some of the personal training and saw how that turned out. Just how many more failed shots went so far afield? Well, enough to get Zip worked up! So, Fip was already told that there will be no more hunting for a while. And now there will be no more practicing, probably until the heavy work and traffic around the fort build site is completed. With these options off the list, there is really only one task left for the little emerald archer, and it doesn’t involve playing the lute. It looks like Fip is not very enthusiastic about guard duty.

You really shouldn’t go pushing people around, even when you are in some way pushed to your limit. When things get tense or go completely out of your control, it can be frustrating. It can be really hard to contain that negative emotional energy and some people have trouble fining a good way to release it. Problem resolution is best served with a clear head and an adherence to the the final goal. There will be obstacles along the path and it will make things difficult, but persistence and, at times, a willingness to accept help from others, will get you to that goal. And when you slip and the inner turmoil peeks out, take a breath, relax… smile. Let them see innocence personified instead of the angry tangle within.

Be careful out there.

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