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Bam: [Why's (this) so heavy?!]

“Heavy Lifting” There are a lot of elements involved in a large construction project. You can’t have a solid build without knowing how it fits together. Then there is acquiring the materials to make all the components. And, of course, there is the assemble. But those aren’t the only elements. There is also the logistics: the how to getting the source material to the workers or the constructed goods to the site. Building a defensible fort is a big project. The origin of the goods plays a factor. If the gobos were to go with stone, they would have to quarry it. Unfortunately, the nearest source is some distance away.

While the mountain is not that far away, stone is heavy and they would have to transport it. Timbers for a wooden fort might not be light but at least the source is nearby. It is still a lot of heavy lifting but with less hours moving goods, there is more time to build and get more material. Plus you don’t have a large supply chain to defend. Manual labor can be quite taxing. It is a workout that will build up the body as it wears it down.  When you are new to the experience (or cannot see hidden difficulties that might weigh you down or hinder your efficiency), it can be extremely difficult and fatiguing. But, as time goes by, the stronger you get, the more skilled you become, and the easier it is to get the job done.

Be careful out there.

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