“Deal Making” Could you imagine trying to decipher Nob’s words if it wasn’t heard by someone who understands Gobospeak? I could “write it up” but the complex statements can get confusing. Thanks to the potion, Puccini gets the meaning… perhaps in more ways than one.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Nob and Hob, seated in the two adjacent chairs, have serious expression as they look across the table to an offscreen Puccini.
Nob: <Poo! We’ve escaped Krak... ...and the Hook’s humans and orcs.>

Panel 2
The view centers on Nob, as the crowned gobo leans in to place a hand on the table and then tap its surface with a finger. The motion upsets the potion bottle and Hob puts hands up to steady it.
Nob: <We are not slaves! And I’m the gobo leader! Your magic did save us from the dragon cave. No amulet, and you'll be gobo-friend. No betrayals from gobos or Poo. Deal?>

Panel 3
The view turns to Puccini, wringing his hands with a thoughtful expression.
Puccini: ...Agreed.
Puccini, in a softer voice: And it's "Puccini".