“It’s “Gobos”” It’s time for the gobos to feel a bit uncomfortable. There’s no denying that almost all of them like to touch unusual items. The world outside their cave is strange and unusual. Or, at the very least, within a mile’s distance of the opening… some of the gobos did hunt and forage.

Just a reminder that whenever a non-gobo can understand Gobospeak, it appears like this.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Puccini pushes up from the table, his cape slipping off the back of the chair as he slides it out with a hand. Head tilted slightly away, he addresses the two gobos unseen across the table from him.
Puccini: Let’s go to that room so...
Hob, off-screen: <Room?>
Puccini: ...we can talk...
Nob, off-screen: <You had pointed out two rooms.>

Panel 2
Puccini freezes in place, a confused look on his face as he thinks.
Puccini: Yes, and I said not to use the one... but you didn't know what I was saying.

Panel 3
Puccini leans over the table, eyeing the off-screen gobos.
Puccini: You goblins...
Hob: <"Gobos">
Puccini: You know not to touch anything... unusual?

Panel 4
Scene shifts to Nob and Hob, seated in the two adjacent chairs across the table. Nob gives an awkward collar tug while Hob whistles innocently, lowering the helmet visor.