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Bam (thinking): [Gobos will be whipped]
Pat (thinking): [The food is horrible]
Fip & Zip (thinking): [No music]
Hob (thinking): [Troll'll break my horse]
Nob (thinking): [Troll is leader]
Nak & Nik (thinking): [No more troll]
Tik (thinking): [Hard work]
Tok (thinking): [Troll gets the emeralds]
Wak & Pōk (thinking): [No forest]

“Drums, Drums in the Deep”. It looks like our gobo friends are marching to a different beat. This is a direction that they definitely did not want to take. All because of a big bully. It seems like they’ll not see the light outside their cave for quite some time now. While things look dark for them, there might be some light at the end of that tunnel. Both literally and figuratively. Four new individuals have arrived on the scene and apparently they have quite some interest in what lies within the cave. First though, they’ll have to find a way around a certain eight-legged menace that is also lurking about. At least we now have proof that the fire brigade was quite effective in keeping out the spiders.

As you may have noticed, the last comic was the final strip for the very first chapter. This large format comic marks the beginning of the second chapter of Gobo Gazette. That means we will be introduced to a whole new story arc. If everything goes according to plan, we will see ten comics in total for each chapter. (Except on special occasions.)

As a result of the big guy’s intrusion, we were unable to give an official introduction to all of the gobos. But don’t worry. All twelve of them will get one before the next part begins. Furthermore, we will see them get in even more trouble along the way. More so than the current mess they are in. That, for sure, is absolutely, positively guaranteed!

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