“Missing Three” Someone else is opening doors. And they are looking for others. Do you think they’ll be successful? The odds are not in their favor.

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Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Puccini opens the door. We only see the lower part of him as the focus is on Nob and Hob, with arms behind their backs as they look into the room.
Narrative: Back at the Storeroom...

Panel 2
A Gobo gathering fills the interior of the storeroom, crates line the back wall, an empty crate at the room's center, and a stack of crates to the right with a few axe cuts in them. To the left, Nak is pointing at Nik, who is angrily holding up hands in defense. Fip and Zip are behind the center crate, leaning against it, Tok is gesturing to a cross-armed Tik as their attention turns to Pōk, who is whining with ears covered. They are all in discussion that fades together
Puccini, off-screen and interrupting everyone: "Ahem!"
Nak: ["You let Bam and Wak leave.*"]
Nik: ["...in charge!?"]
Fip: ["What ... Nak ..."]
Zip: ["...you later."]
Tok: ["Go back! The box is empty!"]
Pōk: ["I'm trying to sleep!"]
Narrative: *Magically translated

Panel 3
All eyes turn surprised towards the interrupt, their discussions on pause.
Nob, off-screen: ["Where are Bam, Pat and Wak?"]

Panel 4
Back at the doorway, Nob looks frustrated and Hob frowns, eyes closed, as the torrent of responses arrive.
Nak, off-screen: ["We don't know!"]
Nik, off-screen: ["They left!"]
Fip, off-screen: ["Pat was with us but..."]
Tok, off-screen: ["They're not in the box!"]
Tik, off-screen: ["No idea!"]
Pōk, off-screen: ["I was sleeping!"]