“Interesting Room” Have you ever came across a place and got a weird vibe? Like something was just… off? Some have, others have not. Wak would be in the former group while Bam would be in the latter.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
A wide shot of a large room, the left and right wall lined with shelves holding assorted arcane articles. The back wall is bare with the floor before it marked by a circle. Within its circumference are two trapezoidal blocks spaced about a third of the circle's width and running parallel to the back wall. Before the circle, closer to the entrance is a trapezoidal podium with a recessed area in its slanted top. There is a faint, foreboding aura emanating from the center of the circle.

Panel 2
The scene shifts back to the door. Bam has already entered the room, glancing around while Wak - still outside the doorway - hold up a finger to interject.