“In Trouble” I call this a sitcom moment. A character wanders in, only catches the last part of a conversation, and then acts accordingly. They were so close to getting one of the missing three!

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Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Puccini leans against a wall with arms crossed, looking across the hall towards Hob.
Puccini: "Hob... it's Hob, right?"
Hob: ["Yes."]

Panel 2
The angle turns to focus on a close-up Hob, who is standing next to the storeroom door.
Puccini, off-screen: "The missing could hurt themselves if not found."
Hob: ["Nob is with the others, getting them ready."]

Panel 3
The scene shifts to a far shot of the conversation at the top of the staircase. An invisible Pat is creeping up the stairs, tensing at what is heard.
Nob: ["If Bam, Pat and Wak are in trouble..."]

Panel 3
A frantic Pat has turned around, heading back down the stairs.
Nob: ["...Nob will take care of it."]