“Just Confirming” There will always be a language barrier, even with a potion that lets you comprehend the spoken ideas. Some words just don’t translate. Or have the same meaning. Or even use. And it evolves with time and culture. Many factors can put up walls to understanding. We just have to overcome them.

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Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Nik and Fip hop down the large stairs, followed by Puccini - seen from the waist down.
Puccini: "This one?"
Hob, off-screen: ["That's Nik."]
Puccini: "He didn't touch anything?"

Panel 2
Nik stops as does Puccini. Fip continues down.
Hob, off-screen: ["Not "Hee". Nik."]
Hob continues: ["Poo asks if you touched anything."]

Panel 3
From Puccini's point of view, Nik turns to look up with a scowl. Fip pauses and looks back as well.
Nik, coldy: ["No."]

Panel 4
The scene switches back to Puccini, viewed from the waist up. He has his hands up in apologetic surprise. Pōk has caught up, a little smile on the scout's face.
Puccini: "Okay. Just confirming."
Puccini, quietly: "So hostile."