“Claves Realitatem” Oh! A box labeled in Latin. Opening that couldn’t possible do any harm. Especially with the annual cliffhanger coming up. (Please excuse my Latin, or lack there of.)

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Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Bam is close to the viewer, looking down at something and holding up a finger to Wak, still by the entrance, who is pointing out to the hall
Narrative: Further below...
Wak: ["Let's go."]

Panel 2
Bam's hand rests on a box that is low on a shelf of various containers. The box is labeled "Claves Realitatem"

Panel 3
A side shot reveals Bam pulling the box from the bottom shelf...

Panel 4
...and flipping the lid open with a smile. There is a faint, foreboding aura emanating from inside the box.