“Grapple Rules” Gobo on the move! With all those eyes, their opponent had no problem scooping up or swatting away the eight engaging gobos… or ten gobos and a wizard, counting recent events. Hob knows this and is making sure that everyone else is ready to make way for Bam. But it looks like the armored gobo has fallen victim of the grapple rules. The first rule is, we don’t talk about the grapple rules (at least from my gaming experience)!

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Bam is running towards the viewer - Pōk's spear in hand - while Hob shouts orders, holding back a tentacle as another coils into view.
Hob: "<Gobos! Clear a path!>"

Panel 2
Bam is closer and about to pass the viewer. Hob's lance is disarmed by the uncoiling tentacle. The retrained tentacle rears up...

Panel 3
...and coils around Hob, who continues to issue commands while being lifted off the ground.
Hob: "<Bam needs to get to that..."

Panel 4
The tentacle tightens and Hob can clearly feel it, with teeth clenched and eyes widened.
Hob, barely audible: "<...stone.>"