“Weapon Swap” No time to explain but I know how to fix this! There’s a lot of impulsive actions being taken. I wonder how this will pan out. The Bam-Taking-Pōk’s-Spear part; I’m pretty confident on how the Pōk-Learns-New-Weapon-Skill-In-Combat part will go.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Bam and Pōk have slowly advanced. The some tentacles are being held back by the gobo scout's spinning spear. With far less finesse, Bam is mace-smashing, tight gripping, and teeth gnashing any tentacles within range.
Fip, off-screen: "<Hob! It's got Nob, Zip and Poo!>"

Panel 2
Listening to the off-screen shouts, Bam's eyes widen as a thought comes to mind. The tentacles that were held by hand or fang recoil while Bam's mace keeps the third pinned. Pōk twirls the spear in preparation of a thrust attack.
Hob, off-screen: "<Fip! We need that stone removed!>"

Panel 3
Bam turns in one fluid motion, grabbing the spear and tossing back the mace, Pōk's eye widens with surprise at the sudden weapon swap. The tentacles seem taken aback as well by the sudden action.

Panel 4
Bam races towards the viewer as Pōk looks down at the mace, the free hand scratching just below the wide-brimmed hat's inner band. The tentacles creep in closer, about to snatch the unwary gobo.