“Magic Missile” Puccini has picked up on the draw the black stone has on the bat-things. Getting it out of the room is probably the best play. At the very least, it might give the gobos a chance to whack the bats on the backside. The wizard is certainly taking advantage of it!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Near the pedestal, Puccini cradles an injured Pat in one arm and turns to hand Nob the black stone, who reaches up to take it. Zip, one hand on the pair of dispatched bat-things, is pulling out the crossbow bolt that skewered them. In the distance another bat-thing approaches.
Puccini: "Quick, take this outside!"

Panel 2
Puccini turns and lowers Pat so the gobo is resting against the pedestal. Nob races for the door towards the viewer, taking Zip - who was reaching down for the crossbow - off-guard. The bat-thing is also surprised, tracking Nob with its one eye.
Puccini: "They're drawn to it."

Panel 3
With crossbow in one hand and the recently freed bolt in the other, Zip quickly pursues and the bat-thing swoops by a startled Puccini as it changes course. Pat continues to apply pressure to the arm wound.

Panel 4
The bat-thing grimaces as Puccini says some magic words and blasts it with a mystic bolt. Pat winces from the pain of the bite.