“Shut Out” Clearly, there was some sort of misunderstanding regarding the rules of engagement. Do you remember what Hob told Nob earlier? “Stay with Poo”? Do you remember when a certain gobo kept inching further and further into the room, until flat out rushing in? Well, Zip sure does! Much like during their escape from the raiders, Nob is seen as too important for the front lines. Someone’s getting a time out!

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
From the hallway, we see Nob rushing through the open doorway with the black stone securely tucked under an arm. The gobo leader has ran past Fip, who reaches for a new arrow to fire, and Zip is only a few steps behind.

Panel 2
A proud Nob turns and gestures to the black stone while addressing Zip, who stands a pace inside the doorway, arms slumped and eyes narrowed. Fip is obscured while readying the new arrow.
Nob: "<Let me set this down and we can...>"

Panel 3
Nob loses the grin, eyes wide as the gobo watches Zip continue to give a narrow stare. The hooded gobo lifts an arm to the door's edge inside the room...

Panel 4
...and slams it shut with an audible "wam". Nob, having not moved since last speaking, looks to where Zip was once seen, eyes even wider.