“New Skin” It can be quite shocking when someone looks differently than you remember them, even when given advance notice. Time and experience aside, they’re the same person. On a similar point, keep in mind that although you may have changed, there is a visual imprint in people’s heads of you that is hard to replace, especially if they’ve know you for a long time. It might take some time for them to adjust, but they will if they cherish their relationship with you.

On an unrelated note, beards are awesome. I mean, look how Puccini’s illuminates that panel with its righteous beardiness!

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Seeing Gnome-Wak's raised fist, a panicked Gnome-Nik backs up towards the tower's windows, using an empty hand instead of a dagger to keep the threat of a punch at bay.
Puccini, off-screen: "Relax! Any violent action breaks the spell!"

Panel 2
Gnome-Nak and Gnome Pōk are examining their new gnome features, the former checking out hands and the latter poking a finger into Gnome-Hob's beard. The finger tip passes into the beard as if it wasn't there.
Nak: <"How long?>"
Puccini, off-screen: "A third of a day."

Panel 3
Puccini gives a wink as he strokes his beard, its awesomeness radiating in a golden sunburst.
Puccini: "Sadly, it's just visual. Those beards? Nothing like the real thing."

Panel 4
An excited Gnome-Fip emphatically points to the van dyke facial hair that came with the archer's illusory disguise.
Fip: "<I have fur!!!>"
Puccini, off-screen: "It's "hair"."