“Job List” There are a lot of things for the home team to complete, which require Whiskit’s knowledge. But one item wasn’t on Nob’s job list. School. Who needs that, right?

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In the observation level of the tower, Nob paces, gesturing back to Whiskit as the smiling bear-like homunculus approaches on fluttering wings.
Nob: "<We need to restock supplies. Wiz'll give us hunting spots.>"

Panel 2
Nob is pacing back towards the viewer, emphasizing a specific point with a fist pounding into an open palm. Whiskit observes the action, still closing the distance between Nob and the gobo leader's audience.
Nob: "<We need stone for homes. Wiz can assist with the plans.>"

Panel 3
Nob freezes in place, fingers curling with an expression of shocked frustration as a happy Whiskit addresses the group.
Whiskit: "You need school. I can teach the common tongue."

Panel 4
A snarling Nob with clenched fists begins to turn a head to look towards Whiskit, who has finished fluttering forward and gives a casual shrug.
Nob: "<School...>"
Whiskit: "Yes. Puccini is not made of potions."