“Now There is Need of Haste” There they go! Just a warning, comic time and real time are definitely not the same thing. I mean, this is he same day that Puccini first summoned the gobos from the dragon’s lair, and that was a year and a half ago! Don’t worry. We’ll be seeing the Gnome-Gobos sooner than that! Right now, let’s focus on the “home team”.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In a wide low shot of the tower floor, the legs and feet of Fip, Wak, Nik, Nak, Hob, Pōk and Puccini can be seen walking into or standing within the teleportation circle.
Puccini: "The circle will take us to a place outside of Breakershome"
Puccini, muttering: "They weren't thrilled at the idea of having it inside the town proper."

Panel 2
The scene shifts to close ups of a happy Fip, hand on the shoulder of Wak, as they walk away from the viewer...
Puccini: "You've all said your good-byes."

Panel 3
...to a watching Nik and Nak, who turns ominously towards the viewer...
Puccini: "In truth, it's "see you soon"."

Panel 4
...to a watchful Hob and a smiling, waving Pōk,,,
Puccini: "With Puccini at hand and Hob in command..."

Panel 5
...and finally to a grinning Puccini, who gives a hopeful thumbs up. Below him can be seen Wak and Pōk, the latter looking up to the wizard, as well as Hob and Nik... who give each other side glances.
Puccini: "We'll be back well before the next moon!"

Panel 6
The view pulls out to include one half of the tower space, showing Puccini in the center - gesturing and activating the teleportation circle - and Fip, Wak, Pōk, Hob, Nik and Nak standing around him.
Puccini speaks magical words.

Panel 7
The group is silhouetted in a glowing column of light...

Panel 8
...and are gone...

Panel 9
...leaving that side of the room empty.
Whiskit, off-screen: "Exciting stuff, amirite?"
Whiskit, muttering: "The prose could have used some work."

Panel 10
The view shifts to Whiskit, happily floating and gesturing towards the viewer.
Whiskit: "So Puccini had..."
Nob, off-screen and interrupting: "<Gobos! Listen closely!>"

Panel 11
The angle shifts to Nob reaching out an arm towards the rest of the gobos: Zip, a chin-scratching Bam, an excited Pat, Tik - with arms crossed - and Tok, gleefully standing at a attention.
Nob: "<We've important work to do. And Poo left Wiz to aid us.>"

Panel 12
The view turns back to a deflated, eye-rolling Whiskit.
Nob, off-screen: "<Is that right?>
Whiskit: "Yes. And Puccini said..."
Nob, interrupting: "<Good! So let's get to business...>