“Your Classmates” I get it. You’ve left your cave a couple seasons ago, thoughts of adventures and a new home dancing in your head. The last thing you want to hear is, “Wake up, it’s time for school!” Speaking of school, I did not plan for this to fall so close to the beginning of the school year… and actually to the first year of school for my little one. Awesome coincidence! I just hope he doesn’t groan when I use the same line on him.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
At the observation level of the tower, Whisket raises a finger to emphasis a point while Nob's hands are up as if to deflect or stop their discussion before it goes much further. Pat and Tik are standing at attention, listening in.
Whiskit: "You need to learn the local language..."
Nob, interrupting at the end: "<We have no time for that.>"

Panel 2
Whiskit's mannerisms are matter-of-factly as the homunulus continues to speak to a now arms-crossed Nob.
Whiskit: "You can make time. The smart ones will learn fast. They could also teach."

Panel 3
Nob, responding with pointy teeth bared, gestures to the two gobos in view. Whiskit takes note of Pat giving a little wave.
Nob: "<Fine. Pat has time. Tik has smarts.>"

Panel 4
Whiskit grins and indicates Nob with a bean-like finger. The gobo leader is gritting teeth with hands clenched in fists.
Whiskit: "And you! I heard you have both!"