“Et Tu?” Oh! The Agony! They were just talking about betrayals a moment ago. And now this? And then there is the kicker…. Hob is totally supporting Puccini on the call! Despite the ego-feeding, it is still a lot to take in for Nob.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
At the observation level of the tower, Whiskit is blown away - almost literally - by Nob's reaction, teeth clenched and fist shaking to the sky.
Nob: "<Betrayal! I'm the leader of the gobos!>"

Panel 2
The scene shifts Nob turns to face the viewer and lift an accusing finger towards the offscreen Whiskit.
Nob: "<Poo is ordering me?! To school?!>"

Panel 3
The angle turns to show Whiskit's reaction, a bit of wryness in the homunculus' shrug.
Whiskit: "Puccini did suggest you as one of the very first pupils. Especially since you are the leader."

Panel 4
Shifting back to Nob, Whiskit's continuing dialogue has deflated the potency of his accusatory stance, eye's small in shock.
Whiskit, offscreen: "And Hob agreed. Said you'd be "an example for all"."