“Queue Up” Fall in line, gobos! A new tour guide is in town and this homunculus is taking the lead! That doesn’t seem to sit well with Nob. At least some things haven’t changed…

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In one large panoramic shot, an excited Whiskit turns and heads off away from the rest of the gobos, wings fluttering. In the back - in various degrees of eagerness - are Zip, Bam, Pat, Tik and Tok. Nob is not happy with the flittering homunculus stealing away the audience, and points an objecting finger at Whiskit's back.
Whiskit: "Now, Nob wants stone, food and fur. I will show you the path to the hidden gate! As well as the kitchen, larder and buttery. And I know the perfect spot for the classroom!"
NOb: "<Wiz! Don't you flutter away from me!!!>