“Not Finished” We went from happy fun time tour to ominous doom and gloom. Way to go Nob for going all creepy Gandalf on us.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
On the top level of the tower, Whiskit is excited, fluttering by while acting the tour guide.
Whiskit: "From what Puccini's told me, you've seen the top floor. It's mainly mundane bulk storage with one lab."

Panel 2
The point of view shifts to behind Whiskit as the homunculus flies towards the stairs leading down. Nob's hand reaches out towards Whiskits tail...
Whiskit: "The lab doubles as a magic locker. It's like a key bowl..."

Panel 3
...and grabs hold of it tightly, pulling Whiskit close!
Whiskit: "...last grab before leaving the tow -- ow oW OW OW"

Panel 4
With a background of gloom black, purple and blue, a foreboding Nob holds Whiskit upside down by the tail, the crimson jewels on the gobo leader's crown glowing faintly.
Nob: "<We. Are not. Done.>"