“Please Don’t” A voice of reason. Crisis averted. Well, the immediate one. Will there be any fallout from this fiasco? Only time will tell.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
On the top level of the tower, Pat reaches out in concern.
Pat: "<Nob, don't!>"

Panel 2
The point of view shifts to Nob, still holding Whiskit upside down by the tail, who looks briefly off-screen towards Pat with glowing white eyes. The gloom is still present but starts to fade...
Pat, off-screen: "<Wiz is just trying to help.>"

Panel 3
...and fade more as Nob considers Pat's words. Whiskit looks back to Nob briefly...

Panel 4
...before the Gobo leader's grip loosening, sending Whiskit to the floor. Nob looks up to the hand that once held the tail, the gloom no longer in the air.