“Open Line” One ringy dingy. Two ringy dingy. Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking? What’s that, Nob? Privileged information?… that’s so cute. Don’t stretch out the phone line, kids. You can damage the wall outlet.

Oh, and worst apology ever. Nob is someone who has trouble apologizing with words. At least Puccini and Wiz(?) can see the gobo leader’s body language.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
On the top level of the tower in a closeup view near the floor, light glows from Whiskit and when the homunculus speaks, it is Puccini's voice that is heard.
Puccini, transmitting: "Nob, it's Puccini. Is everything... all right?"

Panel 2
A surprised Nob is crouched down, looking toward the viewer.
Nob: "<You... can see me?>"
Puccini, transmitting: "Yes. What did you wish to talk about?"

Panel 3
Nob shifts, looking away with pursed lips, lifting a hand to give the neck a bit of a rub.
Nob: "<I... didn't attack Wiz. I was mad and yanked Wiz's tail.>"
Puccini, transmitting: "I know. It's okay."

Panel 4
The scene shifts to an outdoor setting, with a hill and a couple trees, looking a bit more brown with the autumn season. The focal point is a back shot of Puccini's backside, his right hand giving it a bit of a rub.
Puccini: "Just a pinch to the posterior."