“You Told?” Well this is awkward. Kind of like having a baby monitor in a stuffed animal. Baby will never know when the parents are watching. Better keep those outbursts in check, Nob.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
On the top level of the tower, a low angle view has just Whiskit's head in view, looking up to somewhat confused Nob with hands on hips.
Nob: "<"Hee"?>"
Whiskit: "Puccini."

Panel 2
We see Whiskit from Nob's point of view, little bean fingers pointing to glowing eyes.
Whiskit: "I can't help it. We share a bond. Sense each other."

Panel 3
The view shifts back, with Whiskit maintaining the pose and Nob a little frustrated, the gobo leader squeezing the space between the eyes to relieve tension.
Whiskit: "Puccini was checking in just now."

Panel 4
Whiskit's arms lower and Nob, a bit more composed, gives a requesting hand gesture
Nob: "<... I want to talk to Poo.>"