Gobo Gazette is Temporary Emergency Hiatus Go! Due to a bicycling encounter with an open car door, I am out of commission for five to seven weeks. So sayeth the bone doctor!

Because of this I am temporarily stepping down and am opening the floor to you! Did you have any question regarding Gobo Gazette? This could be for me or for members of the cast (no spoilers). Do you like to fanart? If you do or want to, now is the time to share! Send your questions and/or fan art to gobo@gobogazette.com! If you like, provide a link if your webcomic, portfolio, or similar creative site. Once the hiatus is over, I’ll more it all to a gallery section and Gobo Gazette will be back in action.

Partake in Gobo Gazette’s first Temporary Emergency Hiatus Go! And be careful out there (especially around car doors)!

↓ Transcript
Announcement banner with content on white background and a panel to the right. There is a watermarked illustration of Gobos and Puccini beneath it.
Content: "Gobo Gazette - Temporary Emergency Hiatus GO! - We're hoping to return in January 2023!"

Right panel has Nob's hands from the gobo leader's point of view, the right hand visually aching with three lightning bolts.
Nob (as the artist): "<My hand. It broke!>"