“Backstory Denied” Will we be learning more about the gobos’ past? Or did I just introduce a potentially unresolved plotline? Whatever it is, Nik isn’t to happy about it.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Puccini is contemplative in the autumn-touched forest, continuing to watch Wak's activities off-screen...
Puccini: "Hob, might I speak with you about Wak?"

Panel 2
...when suddenly, to his surprise, the illusory gnomish arm of Nik is thrust into view at the wizard... holding one of the gobo's daggers!
Nik: "<Back off, Poo!>"

Panel 3
The scene shifts down to Puccini's point of view. There with the hill behind them, is Nik being menacing with blade lifted high and the gnomishly-disguised Hob, totally taken aback by this sudden hostility.

Panel 4
After a moment, Hob places a hand on Nik's outstretched hand and lowers it, giving the orange-clad dagger-user a disapproving side glance.