“Piggyback Ride” I don’t care how down you might be. How dire the situation. You just can’t turn down a good piggyback ride! Okay, technically it’s a “one person arm carry”. But that doesn’t sound fun at all. And it looks like Pōk’s having a blast! Sure it could have been a traditional ride. Then again, it could be worse…

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Hob - still magically disguised as a gnome - contemplates what was just said, still holding the hand of Puccini, the wizard's legs the only part of him in view.
Hob: "<Pōk, You are good. With time.>"

Panel 2
Hob is stunned into silence, letting Puccini's hand slip away as the armored gobo glances towards the front of the group and watches...

Overlapping Panels 2 and 3
...as, in the foreground, a determined Wak rushes by carrying a cheerful Pōk towards the back. Their gnomish disguises concealing their gobo nature.

Panel 3
Hob watches and there is an expression shift, mixed and somewhat conflicted...

Panel 4
... until the little knight's eyes closed and head hangs. Hob sternly points to the ground.
Hob: "<Wak. Put Pōk down.>"