“Awkward Silence” Well, that took the wind out of Puccini. But what better time to silence the wizard than during a hiking montage? When Puccini mentioned that the teleportation circle’s destination was outside of town, he meant a few hours! I’m sure he took travel time and the duration of the illusion spell into consideration. And with how unpredictable the gobos are, factored in extra time for complications.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
The comic is divided over four panels, showing the gobos - mystically disguised as gnomes - and Puccini moving through the thinning autumnal forest. The background of each panel is of a different segment of their journey and the sky darkens with each passing panel.

Panel 1
Wak points in the direction of the rest of the hiking party while looking back to Pōk, who is stepping over a small fallen tree... trailing considerably.

In the gutter between Panel 1 and 2
Hob stands and glances back to Wak, the armored gobo's lance held at the ready.

Panel 2
Walking past Hob is Puccini, pulling up his cloak's hood. The wizard is closing with one of the many small rises they encounter along their journey down the slopping grade amongst the bushes and trees.

In the gutter between Panel 2 and 3
Nak, sword in hand, is also looking back towards the rest of the party.

Panel 3
The trees are thinning more, as is the shrubbery.

In the gutter between Panel 3 and 4
Nik appears to step into Panel 4, the knife-wielding gobo cautiously looks left as the group's cover diminishes.

Panel 4
On a rise just a few steps ahead of Nik, crouches Fip, looking at the footprint in the soft ground to the right.