“Wizard’s Back” And that isn’t the only one who’s back! We haven’t seen this guy since, well, a few updates before Puccini entered the comic. So, technically early morning of this same day. Gotta love the Real Life/Comic Spacetime Continuum.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
From the point of view of the farm entrance, the door is being pulled in by someone wearing a yellow long-sleeved shirt. Slowly disappearing into the early night darkness, Puccini and the gnome-disguised gobos head down the road between the stone walls separating the farmlands. The wizard continues to lecture a feisty, dagger-wielding Nik, the discussion to far off to hear. Wak and Hob look back to the farm, the latter giving a farewell wave, while Fip makes a display for Nak, motioning back to the farm as if suggesting a brief visit.
Male Farmer (off-screen): "Wizard's back."
Female Farmer (off-screen): "Ugh!"

Panel 2
To the right of the entrance stands the halfling farmer, pipe close to his lips as he engages in conversation with the recent arrival(s), still off-screen. He does not turn his head to view them. The light from the entrance tosses a shadow on the turfed wall.
Male Farmer: "With gnomes."
Female Farmer (off-screen): "Competition?"

Panel 3
The scene changes to a wide view the entrance to the farmstead. The farmer has lowered his pipe, still maintaining his far-off gaze at the same point on the horizon. Beside him arrives another halfling farmer. She looks to the one who had opened the door, placing her hand on the shoulder of the Knave from the Party of Adventurers™. Both the newcomers are silhouetted by the warm light emanating from within the farm. The PoA member looks towards the departing group with a touch of suspicion.
Male Farmer: "Not farmers. Adventurers."
Female Farmer (off-screen): "That's worse! Oh! No offense."