“Local Farmers” With all that farm land, you knew our merry(?) band would encounter some of the rural residents outside of Breakershome. Perhaps living in a cave would make anyone look like a potential enemy. If only a common interest could be found to bring them together. Perhaps… wide-brim hats?

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Traveling in the early evening, Nik - in the illusory guise of a gnome - suddenly grabs a portion of Puccini's robe and yanks down hard, pointing out toward the viewer. The wizard stumbles forward, his face almost coming into view. His step forward partial puts his body in front of a similarly disguised Wak, who is curiously looking in the direction Nik had pointed.
Narrative Box: "Down the Road"
Nik: "<Who is that?! An enemy!>"

Panel 2
The ground has mostly leveled out, with not a tree visible on the horizon. A small hill is in the distance but it might not be what it seems - a closer, similarly-sized hill has a portion of the side facing the road missing. In its place there is a wooden wall with a round door and a round window with a planter, painted green. Standing on the laid stones before the door is a halfling farmer, wearing a wide-brim hat and leaning on a shovel with pipe in hand. He looks down the stone pathway cutting between two fallow fields to a closed-gate and fence in the foreground as "Gnome" Pōk enters into view from the left.
Puccini, off-screen: "No, that's a farmer."

Panel 3
Pōk gives a small wave as he passes by the gate. The farmer maintains his gaze and pose, only lifting his pipe to inhale.

Panel 4
Nik enters after Pōk had exited the view, pointing a judging finger towards the farmer with a dagger clenched in the other hand. The farmer, unfazed and unmoved, lowers his pipe.
Puccini, off-screen: "Stop that! Discretion, remember?"