“Partially Overheard” These two do not have any luck when they get to whispering. They seem to always be witnessed scheming. And, in case you missed it… there is some scheming going on. One thing I like about scheming is when you say one thing and mean another. Big fan. Bonus points for doing so when the listener has drinking a potion of comprehension. Well said, indeed.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Night is falling, and Nik moves back to Nak for a quiet discussion. Both are disguised as gnomes via Puccini' magic. While Nik raises a hand in an attempt to shield against lip-reading, Nak keeps casual as the pair walk down the road.
Nik: "<So, tonight?">
Nak: "<No. Poo had said...>"

Panel 2
The sudden interrupting inquiry causes Nik's shoulders to hike up, while Nak is more controlled, brows raising and eye glancing toward the wizard.
Puccini, off-screen: "The potion provides meaning, not volume. What is it, Nak?"

Panel 3
Nik's posture remains curled in, as the "gnome" turns to walk alongside Nak, who gives Nik a glare,
Nak: "<Just reminding Nik that a foolish action will break the illusion.>"

Panel 4
The scene shifts towards the front of the walking group. The lower back of Puccini is in view, and next to him is a gnome-disguised Hob, who looks back - and towards the viewer - at the pair in the back and off-screen.
Nak, off-screen: "<We must be cautious in town when striking our adversary.>"
Puccini, off-screen: "Well said."