“Sneaky Thief” While Nak has a good point, Puccini seems to be having a problem getting straight to it. ♬ It’s time to ramble on… ♬ …be it walking or talking. So distracting. One could miss something important in all that monologuing.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Through a narrow space between a wooden wall and what appears to be a blue sheet hanging on a line to dry, Puccini, Hob and Fip can be seen walking down the road alongside a low stone wall. The gobos are still disguised magically as gnomes, their passage obscured by the darkening evening sky. While Fip marches forward, eyes set on the path ahead of them, Puccini and Hob are having a discussion, the armored gobo's head turned away from the viewer.
Hob: "<Nak has a good point. How do we get it without fighting?>"

Panel 2
Fip and Hob pass out of view behind the blue sheet and Gnome-Wak can be seen leaning forward slightly, keeping pace with the wizard as Puccini gestures with his hand while talking, palm up. Unseen by all except the viewer, a red-skinned arm comes into view in the foreground, its hand reaching for the sheet.
Puccini: "The thief might be sneaky but they're in a foreign place."

Panel 3
Puccini steps out of the small viewing area, and the gnome disguised Nik, Nak and Pōk can be seen following. Pōk's slower pace has him more to the back than the front now. Nik, arms crossed, still looks a bit put out from earlier. In the foreground, the hand clenches the fabric of the blue sheet...
Puccini, obscured: "The town has a lot of shadows to hide in. And resources at hand."

Panel 4
...and quickly pulls the sheet off, the line straightening as the weight is removed. The bottom edge of the fabric can be seen fluttering as its about to exit view. None of the traveling companions seem to notice, continuing their pace... or their discussion, as Puccini raises a finger to punctuate a point. All fail to notice except for Pōk, who stops and looks in the direction of the viewer. It is a casual glance, with no indication of alarm or concern.
Puccini: "Far more options than the fields or forests..."