“Walking Meeting” Well, they made good time! I could have some small talk going on but then it would be a year before we reached town!

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
A wide shot of the land just outside of Breakershome, gray from the last remaining light of the setting sun. Puccini and the gobos - still magically disguised as gnomes - proceed down the road to the main gatehouse. Pōk glances behind them, looking for anyone that might be following while Nik looks up in wonder at the tall wall around the town. Nak raises a finger, challenging Puccini dialogue - the wizard has paused and turned to face the sword fighter, with Wak behind and Hob before looking about as well. Fip continues with a confident stride, giving a little wave to the two guards outside the gate. One of the guards has set down his lantern and gestures to the travelers as if to ask his coworker "get a load of these folk."
Nak: "<That doesn't answer Hob's question, Poo.>"
Puccini: "I am getting to that."
Puccini, quietly adds: "And no more talking until we're at a safe place."
Puccini, continues: "I can sense the stone. There's no hiding, even if they knew the town. We choose when to strike... when no one's present."