“White Bear” We have arrived! In a couple weeks, we might even make it inside! Friendly reminder to Puccini: the backstory has been denied. So stop digging!

My buffer is running on fumes and we have a large comic in a couple weeks. (Coincidence?) I should be fine, but – as always – I will keep you informed if there will be any delays.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
A close-up shot of Wak, still mystically disguised as a gnome, points at a tavern sign of a white bear head on a blue background, under which are runic writing and below that is an abstract mug flanked by similarly rendered beds. The ambient light of the street lanterns keeps Wak fairly visible but their light can't penetrate underneath the roof of the building's portico.
Wak: "<White Bear.>"

Panel 2
Puccini, arms akimbo, is viewed from the waist up, glancing to the left and slightly up with a thoughtful look.
Puccini: "Yes. This is the place. Not much for words, eh?"

Panel 3
The view pans downward and to the right until Hob enters view. The armored gobo is similarly disguised by illusion, but the magic does not conceal the weariness on Hob's face.
Hob: "... <Yes...>"

Panel 4
The scene is viewed from farther back, revealing that Wak has climbed one of the portico columns and is now attempting to pull off the tavern sign. Puccini and Hob continue to observe their companion's activity.
Hob: "<Few words.>"