“Escalating Debt” Of all the people to spill a drink on, Fip had to pick the berserker! If you’re going to mess up, mess up big time!

Over twenty years ago, I did a little comic featuring a number of my friends. The raiders (with the exception of the Captain) are members of that cast. Most of them were brought in early on, with plans to slowly introduce the rest of them as the story progressed. One of those left out of the first wave was Eric Fletcher. The script finally caught up with reality. He has finally been “gazettified”. He is a raging murder machine. In the comic. In real life, Eric was a great guy. I only wish I could have spent more time with him. Of the original cast, he was the first to comment on Gobo Gazette. He’ll be the first of that crew to have lines here – my meager attempt at giving him voice. Miss you, brother. We’ll be seeing more of you in the next few strips.

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Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In a fit of rage, swiping the spilled beer off his shoulders and torso with a furious flurry, the large man stands up and yells...
Large Man: "You're dog food, gnome!!!"

Panel 2
The Gnome glamoured Fip turns to look back in mid-stride, horrified by the escalating events.
Large Man, off-screen: "I'm gonna end you!"

Panel 3
At the bar, Puccini leans against its edge, back to Zathrus. He rests his head in a raised hand, the exasperation on his face and closed eyes partially hidden by his fingers. The bartender, leaning in with a hand on the bar, gives the wizard a sidelong glance, teeth clenched as if she knows what is on Pucini's mind... and doesn't like it.
Puccini: "Just what I wanted to avoid..."
Zathrus: "Puccini... don't."

Panel 4
Puccini steps out of view, the tips of his cloaks just in view as he departs. Zathrus watches him go. She raising her other hand, still holding the bar mop, and extends her pointer finger to punctuate her statement, despite the wizard's back to her.
Zathrus: "You're just going to end up owing me more."