“Customer Service” You know what Puccini was thinking… “This can be handled with one well-placed fireball.” Then he remembered the debt. What good is being a wizard if you can’t blow things up? And this guy that took off early? I’m sure something is going to be deducted from his pay, probably as a bonus to this Lylt person.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
At bar stool level, the tip of Puccini's cloak can just be seen as the wizard heads away from the bar. Nak is down from the stool staring past Puccini towards the closing threat, feet planted with a hand ready to draw steel. Hob is still climbing down; having the lance out makes this a slow process. That and looking up to Puccini as he speaks. All of the gobos are still under the glamour of a gnome-guise.
Puccini, off-screen: "Stay, you're not fighting here."
Zathrus, off-screen: "And you?"

Panel 2
A straight on view of the bar shows Puccini walking further away from the bar, glancing down towards Fip as the little archer rushes to safety. The rest of the gobos have gathered as well; Wak stands halfway between the wizard and the bar and Nik comes in from the left, holding up four fingers to Nak, who's only movement is to glance over to the knife-wielding gobo. Pōk slowly steps in from the right, joining Hob as they watch Fip's approach. Zathrus is barely visible behind Puccini, looking to the wizard as she calls out to him.
Zathrus: "I have people for this."
Puccini: "Well, I don't see them."

Panel 3
A close-up view of Puccini, scene reversed. The wizard looks back towards the bar with a concerned look, gesturing around the bar. Past him is the large man, accompanied on the left by a short, red-haired man cracking his knuckles and a bearded blond, striding forward with a grin, hands behind his head. There is another man to the right, his hand just visible but the view blocked by Puccini.
Puccini, softly: "Seriously... where are they?"

Panel 4
Returning to the bar, the focus is on Zathrus, who leans down to grab something from behind the bar with her left hand as she raises the other to her mouth as she shouts. The dirty bar mop is on the bar top.
Zathrus, softly: "Damn him, taking off early."
Zathrus: "Lylt! "Customer Service"!"