“Shocking Grasp” No mistake. It is quite rude to point. But lesson in etiquette typically don’t use shock therapy. Can’t say that there was no effect. Static cling, and that frizz! This is much closer to how Eric appeared in the old comic. Just less… geometric.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
The large man leans over to speak with Puccini, but doesn't quite get on the same eye level as the wizard. He angrily jabs a finger towards Puccini, who raises his hands defensively, the fingers of the right slowly curling towards the jabbing finger. Fip - still disguised as a gnome - holds onto the edge of the wizards cape to hide behind it.
Large Man: "Out of the way, old man."
Puccini: "It's quite rude to point."

Panel 2
Puccini speaks some magical words and makes a gesture with his left hand as the right grabs the jabbing finger. The large man becomes electrified, his eyes bugging and his hair standing out from his head. Fip relaxes a little but stays put and quietly observes.

Panel 3
Puccini steps back in astonishment, seeing the large man is still standing, although some effects of his shocking grasp are apparent. The large man is twitching slightly with residual sparks and his long straight hair has frizzed with an audible "poof", forming puffs on either side of his head and in the back where a ponytail was. Fip turns to look at Puccini, what ever reaction there was is hidden from the viewer.
Puccini: "Yeesh! You're a tough one!"

Panel 4
In the blink of an eye, the wild-eyed, large man has his hand around Puccini's neck and steps forward, the velocity visibly tilting the wizard as he is raised to eye level... although Puccini is more concerned about the man's grip. Fip tries desperately to keep Puccini grounded, but even holding on with both hands doesn't work and the gnome-gobo is lifted up some as well.
Puccini: "My mistaaaaaAAAAKE!"