“Sounds Fair” Well, that put a stop to a fair fight. Even got Nik to take notice. Great! I am not looking forward to drawing Puff-cini face.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Down the length of the bar, close to ground level, the gobos - still under Puccini's illusory gnome spell - line up to charge into the battle. Visible of the six are Wak, Nik and Pōk. At the far end is Wak, axe out in a two handed grip, the edges of the weapon held low. Toward the middle area is Nik - daggers in hand - glances over to Pōk, who is so close to the viewer only the face is seen... teeth bared and ready for the fight...

Panel 2
...but that intensity fades when they hear Puccini speak. Wak's weapon lowers, the gobo stunned by the words. They draw Nik's attention away from Pōk and both the gobos stay their ground, concern readily apparent on the closest of the two.
Puccini, weakly, off-screen: "Stop... I... got this."

Panel 3
The view moves towards the action, taken from Puccini's perspective. The large man's right fist is clenched while the left arm is raised. His eye twitches - either from rage, the remnants of the electrical shock, or both - and his teeth grinding as he speaks.
Large Man: "You do. Our drinks for the rest of the night."

Panel 4
The point of view flips and we see Puccini struggling to lift himself up as his fingers try to find a good hold on the man's forearm, all while trying to speak and breath through the one-handed choke hold.
Large Man, off-screen: "After I make your face match your cloak!"
Puccini, weakly: "Sounds... fair."