“Big Guy” Oh no, you made Zathrus pull out her hammer. If you didn’t think she was all business before, think again! It is always best to let people know where they stand. And to use disclaimers. Very important.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Back at the bar, Zathrus has found what she was looking for: a gold -trimmed long-handled maul. She becomes quite serious as she hefts the weapon up...
Zathrus: "Hey, Big Guy! I don't care who your boss is..."

Panel 2
...and then thrusts it forward towards the large man, turning and placing her free hand on her hip for a more dramatic pose.
Zathrus: "...no fights in my inn!"
Zathrus, quietly: "...unless I make a profit."

Panel 3
The large man maintains his pose - continuing his high-held choke hold on Puccini (so high he is out of frame) - but turns his attention towards the bar. Fip (still magically disguised as a gnome), is also looking that way, still dangling from Puccini's cloak. Neither have noticed something new on the large man's shoulder...
Large Man: "You throwin' /me/ out?"
Zathrus, off-screen: "No."

Panel 4
...and the view shifts left (moving Puccini and Fip off-screen), as the large man looks down towards a thin elf with very short-cropped, ginger hair. The newcomer smiles, eyes squinted from the expression as the hand he has placed on the large man shoulder taps an audible "pat, pat".
Zathrus, off-screen: "That's /his/ job".