“Laid Out” For a performer, he’s awfully quiet when at work… at least when it comes to bouncing some thugs. And so efficient, too!

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
From a view just over Lylt's shoulder, the large man looks down at the smaller man as if trying to gauge him as a threat. He casually releases his grip on Puccini's throat, and the wizard along with Fip - mystically disguised as a gnome - tumble to the ground.
Large man: "Hmph..."

Panel 2
The large man relaxes and smiles, his arms lowering as he looks behind him to where his three companions are.
Large man: "Hey, boys! Looks like the minstrel wants..."

Panel 3
The shot moves to worm-level, framed by Lylt's and the large man's boots. The boots of on of his companions is immediately behind him, the rest of the man's unconscious form out of view. Of the other two, the shorter of the group has his back to the viewer, balled up from a lower torso injury. The blond, bearded man is sitting awkwardly on the floor, disoriented with one arm trying to locate something to grab or climb up on while the other covers his nose and eyes.
Large man, off-screen: "...to play... ...doorman."

Panel 4
The view returns to just over Lylt's shoulder. The elf hasn't moved and doesn't flinch when the large man - full of rage - spins, aiming his left fist at Lylt's face.
Large man: "I'm gonna snap you, twig!"