“A Raging Fire was in his Eyes” I know you can get worked up after seeing some sweet moves but Puccini has a point: there’s no need to gloat. Especially when you weren’t the one taking action. The immediate threat has (almost) left the building. Who were those guys anyway? Did they have a familiar look about them? I’ll give it a bit more time before I add to the character tags. Speaking of… as soon as I can get my buffer back, I might have to do a little website TLC. The cast page and other sections could use an update. So many plans for the website but the comic comes first.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
The large man's left handed punch misses its mark as Lylt effortlessly slides right and in closer, shifting his body to give his opponent a wide target...

Panel 2
...and when he turns and jabs with his right, bringing his left fist up defensively, Lylt turn right and leans back to avoid another hit, lifting his hands up as he does so.

Panel 3
The view zooms in on the large man's arm and Lylt's hands as the elf places his left palm against his opponent's elbow while slipping his fingers under the fist, pressing his thumb sharply into the wrist. The large man is shocked at the pain as his fingers uncoil from the pressure and his hand is turned outward...

Panel 4
...just seconds before momentum and Lylt's movement brings the large to the ground. The view zooms out enough to show Lylt from the waist down, already immobilizing the large man with the joint locks and a knee into the back of his opponent.

Panel 5
Nearby, Puccini can just be seen, sitting up with a hand near his throat as he recovers from the choke hold. The wizard has missed the action but Fip - still magically disguised as a gnome - is in shocked amazement, having seen it all up close.
Zathrus, off-screen: "Lylt's giving his pipes a rest after tonight's performance. So I'll do the talking."

Panel 6
From behind the bar, Zathrus continues to addresses the large man, leaning her right elbow on the bar top. She has rested her warhammer onto her shoulder.
Zathrus, softly: "And be glad I didn't have to come out there."
Zathrus: "You four are banned. Got it?"

Panel 7
Shifting back, the large man remains motionless under Lylt's maintained hold, and manages a reluctant response.
Large Man, under breath: "Yes..."
Zathrus, off-screen: "Excuse me?"

Panel 8
Lylt's turns the large man's wrist ever so slightly, and the hand splay out widely from the sudden sharp pain. The man's face contorts and he provides a more heartfelt reply.
Large Man: "Yes ma'am!"

Panel 9
In a close-up back at the bar, Zathrus flips her right hand, bringing the palm up as she points with it out towards the viewer and at the large man.
Zathrus: "You owe me no coin for tonight. Let' just call it compensation for a bad night."

Panel 10
Lylt is already back on his feet and extends a hand to aid the large man as he stands. His rising opponent just eyes the hand...
Zathrus, off-screen: "But if you ever want back into the White Bear..."

Panel 11
...and then Lylt as he stands to his towering height. Lylt raises his hands and takes a step back, seeing that his aid is not needed... or welcomed.
Zathrus, off-screen: "...I'll need assurance from your boss. Understood?"

Panel 12
The elf performer turns his back to the view and crosses his arms as he observes the large man walk past him. He raises a hand and beckons with a finger for his companions to follow. The taller of the two aid the most incapacitated of the foursome, while the shortest of the group hobbles behind them, still doubled over.
Large Man: "Yes."

Panel 13
Both Puccini and Fip have gotten to their feet. While the wizard - seen from the waist down - has turned away from the departing thugs, Fip watches on with a smug look, and gesturing the four on with a "shu shu".

Panel 14
At the door, the large man pauses after opening the door, his companions trailing slightly behind.

Panel 15
The view zooms to a close-up of the large man's face as he turns his head to scowl upon Fip with an aura of doom and dread.

Panel 16
Fip brings a hand up, using a finger to loosen the collar to catch a breath, head turned and whistling uneasily but unable to break the gaze. Puccini is already making his way back to the bar.
Puccini, off-screen, softly: "Don't poke the hive, Fip."