“Last Visit” So, Puccini didn’t write an IOU for all the schnapps he had during the last visit. It was something a bit more… substantial. “You thought they got toasted, you should see the wall!”

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Behind the bar near ground level, Zathrus can be seen from the waist down, bending to place the large hammer back in the alcove under the bat top. The area is a small armored arsenal with hangers to hold a number of weapons. Those that are visible include a crossbow and a quiver of bolts, two throwing axes, and the top part of a poleaxe.
Zathrus, off-screen: "Well, that settles what they owe. What about you?"

Panel 2
The view pans up above the unseen armory to the bar top. Two of the gobos - still under the mystic disguise of gnomes - have climbed back up the stools: Pōk is on the left stool, sitting straight up and giving Zathrus (off-screen) a smile. Wak is on the right stool and is more interested in the unoccupied middle stool or, specifically, what is happening below it. Puccini can be seen a few strides away from the bar. He is walking forward, but glances back over his shoulder and gestures in that direction with his thumb.
Puccini: "They got off easy. Dos our past matter not?"

Panel 3
Puccini final turns towards the view as he comes close to his original spot at the bar but suddenly holds up a couple steps beforehand, glancing down below the bar top. A hand has shot up into view - another "gnome" is climbing up. The wizard's arrival takes Wak by surprise and pulling attention from the ascending comrade. All the while, Pōk has lifted a hand up and is slowly removing the one-eyed gobo's wide-brimmed hat.
Zathrus, off-screen: "That's... politics. And your last visit is not "the past"."

Panel 4
Pōk has set the hat down on the bar top and offers a wider smile, eyes closing from the effort. The gobo seems oblivious to Nik clearing the bar top and entering view. Wak has turned away from the activity around the adjacent stool, facing forward but glancing towards the side, away from the recent arrivals. Puccini appears to be a bit put off, either by his stool becoming occupied or what he is being told. He looks towards Zathrus (off-screen) and the viewer, arms akimbo.
Puccini: "That was self defense."
Zathrus, off-screen: "No, that was a magic fireball."